¿En qué momento surgen las ideas? : Brand Video
Introduction video for "DAD - Animation Playroom" the Department of Animation and Design Direction of Televisa Networks -VP Digital & New Media.
When do Ideas arise?
Video presenation for the team members and creative vision of  "DAD Animation Playroom" , the Animation and Design department of Televisa Interactive Media.
My role in this project included : Creativity, Edition, Motion Graphics, Compositing
Introduction Sequence
Live Footage Sequence Motion Design and VFX Compositing
Motion Graphics Sequence
// Project developed at Dirección de Animación y Diseño - Televisa Digital & New Media

Direction: Luis Cabrera Ruiz
Production : Carla Gutierrez
Design & Animation : Francisco Hernandez, Jesús Pérez Irigoyen
Art Sequence : María García Lumbreras
3D Character Sequence: Raúl Gonzalez Barcenas
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