#ConADOBEaprendí : Motiongraphics
Motion Graphics to support the online fest #ConAdobeAprendi organized by Adobe Mx to celebrate the World Graphic Design Day. AdobeMx gave me an Adobe CC license and this my way to thank them. Tools: Photoshop & After Effects Original Music : Sergio Vazquez Trejo Design & Animation : Jesús Pérez Irigoyen
"Con Adobe Aprendí que desde casa  puedes crear y compartir tus proyectos con todo el mundo"

"With Adobe I discovered that you can create and share your projects with everyone directly from your home"
I created this motion graphics to support the on-line event organized by Adobe Lat to celebrate the International Designers Day.
This special event was activated in social networks with the hashtag #ConAdobeAprendí (With Adobe I discovered).
In 2014, Adobe México sponsored me with a year license of Creatve Cloud, this was my way to say Thank You and Congratulations! This animation was developed entirely with Photoshop and Adobe After effects Tools.
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